Salivary Diagnostics

Your mouth is home to a bustling community of microorganisms. While many types of bacteria are beneficial for your oral health, others are not.

Salivary Diagnostics testing can help determine whether or not harmful bacteria is present, making it a valuable tool in preventing and managing periodontal disease.

Our approach: Treat the cause, not the symptoms

Did you know that your oral health is directly linked to your overall health and wellness?

For example, periodontal disease has been associated with serious, systemic health conditions, including diabetes and heart disease. We call this connection the oral-systemic health link. Or to put it another way, what happens in one area of the body has a tendency to affect other areas as well.

We believe in treating the cause, not just the symptoms. This means taking a whole-body approach to your health.

Using an oral-systemic approach, we’re able to:

  • Create highly personalized treatments
  • Enable better risk assessment for more predictable outcomes
  • Establish a systematic way to track patient oral health progress
  • Manage oral bacteria effectively

Two types of salivary diagnostics tests

We use two simple, trusted medical tests performed in-office to determine the presence of harmful bacteria that causes periodontal disease. Catching periodontal disease early is key to successfully treating, and even reversing, its damaging effects. All tests are sent to OralDNA Labs, a specialty diagnostics company designed to provide reliable, definitive, and cost effective clinical tests.


This test tells us if you are at increased risk for more severe periodontal infections due to an exaggerated immune response. The results from a MyPerioID PST test help us personalize therapy by:

  • Establishing which patients are at risk before clinical signs and symptoms appear, and providing customized periodontal therapy considerations
  • Determining which patients may require more aggressive treatment


The test tells us:

  • The type and concentration of disease-causing bacteria
  • The bacterial information necessary to help classify high-risk versus low-risk cases
  • Targeted treatment considerations designed to help you provide personalized therapy

What causes bad bacteria to take root?

The oral microbiome is a complex ecosystem consisting of various microorganisms, with bacteria being the most abundant. These microorganisms play a crucial role in maintaining oral health and, by extension, your overall health. They help in digesting food, preventing harmful pathogens from taking hold, and even influencing your breath.

Maintaining a healthy balance of oral bacteria is essential. When the equilibrium is disrupted, it can lead to oral health problems such as cavities, gum disease, and bad breath. Several factors can influence the balance of your oral microbiome, including diet, oral hygiene habits, genetics, and overall health

The role of salivary diagnostics testing

Salivary diagnostics testing is a tool used to assess the composition of your oral microbiome. This non-invasive and painless procedure involves collecting a sample of your saliva and analyzing it to identify the types and quantities of bacteria present. The information obtained from this test can provide valuable insights into your oral health and overall well-being. Here’s how:

  • Early detection of imbalances: Salivary bacteria testing can reveal if there is an overgrowth of harmful bacteria in your mouth. Detecting these imbalances early can help prevent oral health issues before they become more severe.
  • Personalized oral care: By understanding your unique oral microbiome, your dentist can tailor oral care recommendations to your specific needs. This might include changes in your oral hygiene routine, dietary adjustments, or even probiotic supplements.
  • Monitoring progress: If you’re undergoing treatment for oral health issues, salivary bacteria testing can be used to monitor the effectiveness of interventions. It allows for a more targeted and evidence-based approach to managing your oral health.

Benefits of salivary diagnostics testing

  • Preventative care: Identifying and addressing oral health issues at an early stage can prevent more severe problems down the road.
  • Personalized treatment: Your dentist can develop a customized treatment plan based on your unique oral microbiome, increasing the chances of successful outcomes.
  • Improved overall health: Emerging research suggests that the oral microbiome may have links to systemic health conditions, including heart disease and diabetes. By maintaining a healthy oral microbiome, you may positively impact your overall health.
  • Better understanding: Salivary bacteria testing can help you gain a deeper understanding of the factors that influence your oral health and allow you to make informed choices.

Should I take a salivary diagnostics test?

Your oral health is intricately connected to your overall well-being, and the composition of your oral microbiome plays a pivotal role in this relationship. Salivary bacteria testing offers an opportunity to gain insights into your unique oral ecosystem, empowering you to take proactive steps toward maintaining good oral health and, consequently, improving your overall quality of life. Consider discussing this valuable diagnostics tool with your dentist during your next visit to unlock the benefits of personalized oral care.

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