Time for Spring Cleanings

It’s springtime! And apparently, it’s that time of the year where you dust off the cobwebs and start afresh. It’s the best time of the year than ever to take stock of your oral care too. In this article, let us discuss some of the important aspects of spring cleaning with respect to oral care. So let’s get started. 

  • Update your toothbrush 

It has been recommended by the American dental association as well as dentists across the world that one must consider changing their toothbrush once every three months. If not, then the bristles will get frayed sooner or later and can cause some serious damage to your oral health. So this time, when you replace it, consider upgrading it as well. 

  • Consider softer bristles

Brushing too hard can lead to the loss of the enamel and receding gums. So, it is recommended to use brushes with soft bristles. 

  • Set up your technology

It is proven that electric toothbrushes have been of great help for people as they help clean the teeth properly. The vibration and the rotating movement of electric toothbrushes help in the thorough cleaning of the teeth. 

  • Clean the toothbrush holder 

It is good to replace the old hard-bristled toothbrush with the new one. But, it is not enough. One should also pay extra attention to cleaning the toothbrush holder as well. As the container used to store the toothbrush is exposed to a lot of bacteria and germs, it has the huge potential to create a huge problem to your oral health. If you have a new toothbrush, make sure that you clean the toothbrush holder before placing it in the old toothbrush holder. 

  • Check expiration dates 

As there are expiration dates to food, drinks, etc., all the dental products come with an expiry date. So, it is important to note these dates and replace them before it is too late. Make time and take a look at the dental products and start throwing those who have surpassed the expiry date. 

Set up a professional spring cleaning 

An appointment with a dental professional makes a lot of difference. It gives you a chance to tell your dentist about the dental concerns you have. A dentist can help you with some sound advice that will help keep your oral health in good condition. 

Implementing these tips can help with your spring cleaning. Enjoy this springtime with a healthy and happy smile by getting the best dental care in Concord CA!

Haven’t visited your dentist yet as a part of your Spring Cleaning?

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