Teledentistry: How And When Is It Useful?

The use of technology and online communications for dental care, consultation, and education is known as teledentistry. It is a relatively new concept and is gaining popularity nowadays. Teledentistry offers better access to oral healthcare, enhances its delivery, and reduces costs. If you have an oral health condition or dental problem, getting an appointment that fits with your schedule can take a while.

Also, in the countryside, immediate access to dental care is not feasible. Teledentistry helps overcome such problems and helps you connect with dentists quickly and remotely. Not just providing immediate care, teledentistry also enables the collection and exchange of useful information with a dentist that can be utilized to help dental care, diagnostics, consultations, and treatment. The concept of teledentistry gives everyone access to dental care from the comfort of their homes with the help of a desktop, laptop, or smartphone.

Consultation through teledentistry has two methods:

Real-time consultation: This method involves a video conference between the dentist in Concord CA and the patient. Both of them may see, hear and communicate with each other from two different locations.

Store-and-forward method:This method refers to the gathering and secured transfer of encoded data, such as patient records and photographs, which are then saved for later examination by a dentist or specialist for consultation and treatment planning.

Who can Benefit from Teledentistry?

Teledentistry is useful for patients who are:

  • Elderly or home-bound.
  • Do not have close access to dental care.
  • Living in places with a lack of transportation facilities.
  • Disabled people or people with special needs.
  • Face anxiety during a physical dental appointment.

More importantly, teledentistry has gained massive popularity during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, as it prevents the transfer of the virus between the dentist and the patient.

Benefits of Teledentistry

Improves access to dental care

Patients from the countryside, elderly, and home-bound, may find it difficult to visit a dentist. Teledentistry allows such patients to see and talk to dentists regarding their dental problems from anywhere without an actual visit to the dental office.

Decreases cost

By seeing patients remotely, the dentist does not have to use the valuable masks, gloves, supplies or use up the clinic time since the patient can be treated without a face-to-face appointment. Also, for patients, teledentistry will cut down their traveling expenses since they can consult with a dentist directly from their home. The procedures would cost less as well compared to in-house treatment.

Better and easy access to specialists

Through recorded videos and pictures, the dentist can convey the needs of a patient to a specialist for advice and recommendations since many specialists practice in large cities and are inaccessible from remote areas.

Better access for people with disabilities

People with special needs are underserved by dentistry. Going to the dentist’s office is extremely difficult due to transportation issues and the necessity for a caregiver to attend appointments. Such individuals can benefit from teledentistry too.

With proper implementation, teledentistry can be a game-changer as people can get access to dental care who wouldn’t otherwise have it.

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