Saliva Testing: For Early Detection of Oral Diseases

Saliva is a protective agent for the teeth. It can also be used as a diagnostic tool for oral diseases. Specifically, it helps to identify the disease in the person and helps to follow the progress of the affected person. In addition, it can be used to diagnose systematic illnesses that are hereditary and infectious, viral diseases, and testing for caries activity. Julita S. Patil, DDS Inc. provides saliva testing in dentistry to detect systemic diseases and to know the effect of the treatment on the patient. 

What Saliva Testing Does

  • Identify Bacteria 

Saliva testing helps to test the 11 pathogens that contribute to periodontal problems. It also helps to decide the antibiotic recommendations that focus on the destruction of the bacteria that causes harm. It easily exhibits signs of improvement if treated with systemic antibiotics that can also be monitored through saliva testing. 

  • Assess Caries Risk 

It helps to detect the bacteria that cause caries. The saliva test can help in understanding the type of cariogenic bacteria and their quantity. Once the person is put on treatment, a saliva test needs to be done again to understand the effectiveness of treatment. The process is done several times until the caries risk is removed.

  • Genetic Predisposition Towards Inflammation 

Some patients experience periodontal destruction even after the treatment. The cause of this inflammation can be determined through a saliva test that helps to understand the patient’s genetic profile. It helps to provide more personalized care for the patients through various treatments.

  • Detect Oral Cancer 

Saliva testing helps to detect human papillomavirus (HPV) which causes oral cancer in human beings. it can be caught in the early stages of development and the treatment procedures can be started immediately. It helps to keep monitoring the patient during and after the treatment to understand the effectiveness of the procedure. It also helps to detect head and neck cancer. 

Advantages of Saliva Testing 

  • It is a non-invasive and easy procedure that can be done quickly.
  • There is a minimum risk of any cross-contamination that may occur due to the procedure. 
  • Multiple samples of the saliva can be taken if required. 
  • Saliva testing provides real-time results. 
  • It is an inexpensive method of diagnosing oral diseases. 

Saliva testing helps provide high-quality benefits for patients through its various detections. It helps in keeping track of the health condition of the patients. 

Julita S. Patil, DDS Inc. provides saliva testing and other dental treatments to our patients. Make a booking by calling (925) 689-2585 and visit the dentist in Concord CA for dental care and treatments.

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